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The Canary Island is hosting this competition which began in Stockholm with the idea of crossing a set distance by land and sea. The route goes from Teguise to Tías, passing down the coast of the municipalities of Arrecife and San Bartolomé.

The first Swimrun in the Canary Islands took place in 2017 with an international field including the best pairs in Europe. Swimrun is a sport that combines running on trails and other surfaces with open water swimming. The race is done in pairs and there are 3 categories: men, women and mixed. The competition has three types of route: The Marathon of 40 kilometres, the Sprint of 17 kilometres and the inclusive Starter which is 8 kilometres. The event not only aims to transmit values such as team spirit, but also promotes respect for the environment and projects such as a plastic-free ocean. Participants may not generate any plastic waste.

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