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Balneario Termaeuropa Playa de Coma-Ruga


The spa is just 50 m from the beach. This village has all the charm of an earlier era, with lovely villas, long promenades and an immense light-sand beach. The spa resort is located in the second row from the sea and in the centre of the village. It has been completely rebuilt and has modern facilities.

Balneario Termaeuropa Playa de Coma-Ruga

Avda. del Balneario 4-6

43880  Vendrell, El, Tarragona  (Catalonia)

Е-mail:reservas@termaeuropa.com Е-mail:recepcioncomaruga@termaeuropa.com Тел.:+34 977684808 Тел.:+34 977684808 Веб-сайт:://www.balneariocoma-ruga.com