Main roads in Spain

Spain has more than 16,000 kilometres of motorways, some with tolls. Here you will find a table with Spain's most important road arteries.

A1 Madrid - Burgos 250 km / 2h 30 min
A2 Madrid - Zaragoza (continues to Barcelona with the AP2) To Zaragoza: 315 km / 3 hours To Barcelona: 620 km / 6 hours
A3 Madrid - Valencia 350 km / 3h 30 min
A4 Madrid - Seville (continues to Cádiz with the AP4) To Seville: 530 km / 5 hours To Cádiz: 650 km / 6 hours
A5 Madrid - Badajoz 400 km / 3h 45 min
A6 Madrid - A Coruña 600 km / 5h 45 min
A7 and AP7 From north to south, the Mediterranean coast. From the French border to Malaga 1200 km / 11 hours
AP8 The north road. From Torrelavega to Aviles 175 km / 1h 45 min
A9 and AP9 From Ferrol and A Coruña to the Portuguese border (Tuy) 200 km / 2 hours
Key: A = Motorway (free) AP = Motorway (toll) Practical information We recommend that you check out our practical tips for driving around Spain before starting your trip. 

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