Direct international connections from Barcelona, Madrid, Irún and Vigo.

The international train network connects Spain with Portugal and France. It features the AVE high-speed train connection with France. Here you can find a table with a selection of rail services for getting to Spain.

Marseille (France)Barcelona (Spain)AVE high-speed train4h 30 min
Marseille (France)Madrid (Spain)AVE high-speed train7 hrs 45 mins
Paris (France)Barcelona (Spain)AVE high-speed train6 hrs 20 min
Lyon (France)Barcelona (Spain)AVE high-speed train5 hours
Toulouse (France)Barcelona (Spain)AVE high-speed train3 hrs 15 mins
Paris (France)Irún (Spain)TGV5 hrs
Lisbon (Portugal)Madrid (Spain)Lusitania10 hours
Lisbon (Portugal)Donostia - San Sebastián (Spain)Surexpreso12 hrs 30 mins
Oporto (Portugal)Vigo (Spain)Vigo - Oporto2 hrs 20 mins
A different way to travel to Spain is to use passes such as InterRail, Eurail or Rail Plus, which allow you to continue travelling through other countries in Europe.Remember that in the section “Travelling around Spain by train” you can see a map with the main high-speed connections, the benefits of the Renfe Spain Pass and other options for travelling within Spain's railway network.Practical information We recommend that you check out our practical tips before starting your trip to Spain. You can also request more information about the trips you are interested in and book your tickets through the RENFE (National Network of Spanish Railways) website or by calling 902 320320, where your questions will be answered in English, French or Spanish.Care and assistance for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility Renfe has a free assistance service to ensure the accessibility of its trains. For more information visit their website or call +34 917744040.Download the official leaflet. (PDF - 5 MB) 

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