Live our experiences

Live our experiences

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Without any kind of technical preparation, without a special physical condition, without age limits. We offer you an aerial activity without engine, enjoying the unique experience of rising from the highest mountain on the island and being in the air taking advantage of the existing thermal and dynamic currents, to have the pleasure of the wonderful views from the top, as well as being carried away by the new sensations of free flight accompanied by a professional pilot.

What does it include? Latest generation equipment, with Tandem emergency parachute system, Titled two-seater pilots and Accident and Civil Liability Insurance.

Menorca has been a biosphere reserve since 1993, offering a lively and unspoilt nature both in its Mediterranean forests and on the steep coasts of the north and the white sand and turquoise water beaches of the south coast.

Menorca is not only beautiful in summer, which it is, but the rest of the year it offers a natural environment rich in biodiversity, where you can go hiking along its “camí de cavalls”, which has been restored a few years ago and which goes around the island passing through its coasts, forests and most charming villages.

  • Price: €85 per person (including taxes)
  • Activities available in the following languages: Spanish.English
  • Place: Mercadal, Es (Minorca)
  • Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Date available from: 26/07/2019
  • Date available to: 31/07/2020
  • Category of the activity: Sport and adventure
  • Who is it for?: LGBT. Adults without children. Young people
  • Organising company: Xmigrations

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