District of Goierri, in Euskadi-Basque Country, EDEN winner

Fancy visiting a destination with delicious food? This has got to be the district of Goierri (Euskadi-Basque Country), where they make Idiazabal cheese. We thought it would be a good idea to share it with you because now there's another reason to visit it –it's been included in the EDEN network (European Destinations of Excellence) after its recognition in the 2015 edition of the awards.

These awards recognise the district's sustainability, as well as its gastronomy. The locals know how to eat well, and they like it when visitors enjoy the food, too. There are many gastronomic fairs all year round in the 18 municipalities in the district. Enough to make your mouth water. And, of course, you won't want to miss its star product – Idiazabal cheese . This cheese is made from the raw milk of Latxa sheep and receives international awards every year, like the World Cheese Awards. Would you like to know more? As well as its gastronomy, the district of Goierri has lots to offer. It is an environmentally-friendly place where the locals continue with their traditions. Here you can walk round a market that is over 500 years old, for example, in the municipality of Ordizia. Here you'll find the best seasonal produce in the heart of “Euskadi-Basque Country”. And there's more: you can enjoy nature close at hand in any of its Nature Reserves, Aralar and Aizkorri-Aratz. Want more ideas? What about visiting its cider bars, cheesemakers and other farm industries? Or going on Idiazabal cheese routes on foot or by car; taking part in an orienteering game for families; or visiting a "trail station" where you can go hiking across the mountain, among numerous other activities. As we know this will have whetted your appetite, why not come and visit the district of Goierri in Euskadi-Basque Country? This is a European destination with the seal of excellence, and a first-rate gastronomy.  



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