The colossal peaks of the Sierra de Gredos mountains



In the south of the region of Castile and León, some 170 kilometres from Madrid, lie the colossal granite rocks of the Sierra de Gredos mountains. You will be fascinated by the picturesque villages with their little stone houses surrounded by rugged landscape. The ideal setting for practising outdoor sports all year round.

Ávila , in Castile and León, is the location of this Regional Reserve where nature is the protagonist. Visit this mountain range, emblem of the Central Mountains, a place that the writer and philosopher Miguel de Unamuno described as the "roof of Castile and the stone heart of Spain.” Lakes, gorges, crags, meadows, fountains, rivers like the Tormes with its crystalline waters, and giant walls of stone all form part of the Sierra de Gredos Mountains, whose highest peak is Almanzor, at 2,592 metres.

The best way of touring these mountins is to venture along one of the many paths leading to unexpected and, occasionally, almost totally unspoiled sites. Just a few of the excursions not to be missed are: the Gredos Cirque, the Laguna Grande great lake, the Charco de las Paredes pool...there's just so much to see. Which is why it is the ideal place for practising hiking and other sports in total contact with nature: climbing, mountaineering, kayaking, mountain biking, hunting and fishing, horse trekking and randonee skiing in winter are just some of the options on offer. In short, numerous activities for all ages in an unrivalled setting. There is also a large network of accommodation and rural establishments available locally. Call in at the tourist information centres, where you can obtain detailed information on everything you need to know and assistance in putting together your tour of the region.

Awaiting you en route are forests of pine trees, oaks, chestnuts and birches, the natural habitats of a range of species, including the Spanish ibex, the golden eagle and the Griffon vulture. But you will also come across remote villages, with stone-built houses and streets, true havens of peace and tranquility. The main ones are Arenas de San Pedro and El Barco de Ávila, which boast a rich historic-artistic heritage with numerous medieval monuments and buildings, as well as traces of other civilisations, such as the Roman road of El Puerto del Pico. Finally, don't leave the region without sampling the local cuisine, famous for its simple but exceedingly tasty dishes.

Admire the view from the majestic Gredos peaks for an unforgettable experience. Shall we start the tour?


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