You can enjoy the coast of Spain in many different ways. Here we suggest the kayak - once you try it you are sure to be hooked. It is an option that will take you to spots on the coast that are hard to get to. Do you want to get the best holiday photo of all? Then climb into a kayak.

Islands, cliffs, unspoilt beaches, idyllic houses, nature reserves, caves, grottos... Variety is one of the main characteristics of Spain's coastline, that stretches for almost 8,000 kilometres. In terms of landscapes, you will find a stunning coastline, packed with areas to discover. The size, stability and ease of use of kayaks make them an ideal way to explore the most hidden parts of the coast from the sea. Kayaking does requires a certain level of physical effort. It is well worthwhile, though, not only for the enjoyment of travelling over the water, but also for the places you can get access to.

A tailor-made trip

If this is the first time you go kayaking, then you should do a course to learn how to manoeuvre the vessel and know the most important factors that affect your progress. In this way you will travel efficiently and safely. In Spain there are companies and schools offering courses with different levels and durations, from one day through to several. There are even courses for experts to perfect their technique. Another option is to go on guided routes and outings where an instructor will show you the basics and then accompany you to discover the most interesting places in the area. Don't worry about the necessary equipment (kayak, paddle, life jacket, etc...) - these are usually provided by the companies.

If you prefer to go under your own steam, then you can also rent a kayak. Even if you decide to bring your own kayak, there are places available for you to store it during your stay at very reasonable prices.

What you should know

However you go about it, for kayaking you should bear in mind a series of recommendations, such as taking dry clothes, water, food and a basic first aid kit. And don't forget sun hat, cream and glasses. It is always better to go with someone else or as a group: not only is it more fun, but safer too. Don't go too far from the coast, especially if you are inexperienced. Inform the sailing club or someone responsible of your travel plan (itinerary and timetable, departure and arrival points, type of kayak used), and let them know once you finish your route. Finally, should you require assistance, you can contact the Coast Guard on 900 202 202.

Exploring the coast of Spain by kayak is an incredible experience. Once you try it, you will want to continue.  


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