GR 90: Lands of the Moncayo and Sist. Zaragoza Iberico


Zaragoza  (Aragón)
Federación Aragonesa de Montañismo. Zaragoza
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Signposted in three phases, the GR 90 is a path that runs through the sierras of the Aragon Sistema Ibérico, drawing a large arch from the Moncayo to Bajo Aragón.

The first two phases are now signposted, allowing the GR 90 to offer a beautiful and long stretch between Tarazona (connecting nearby with the GR 93 in La Rioja and the GR 13 in Navarra), Badules and Daroca, where it joins the GR 24, Paths of Calatayud, Daroca and Gallocanta. The first stretch of the path runs through the land of El Moncayo, the 2,316 m. peak of which is the highest of the mountain range. Due to its immense ecological and environmental wealth, part of the Moncayo Massif was declared the Natural Park of La Dehesa del Moncayo. Having crossed the range of this massif and on the other slope, you will reach the Valley of El Isuela, which the path follows to Morata de Jalón. The different sierras of the Zaragoza Sistema Ibérico (Algairén, Vicort, la Virgen) and the extensive plans of Roman Countryside are covered by the second stage of this path.Large panoramas, leafy forests of holm oak, pine, oak and cork oak and numerous villages that still maintain traditional forms of life in these regions will come to a surprise to anyone walking through these places. Tarazona, Calatayud and Daroca, declared Historic-Artistic Sites, are home to many churches, building and monuments from different periods within their medieval streets. The GR 90 also includes a series of Small Routes that make up a 635 km. network of signposted paths that allow for the different areas around the GR and its variants to be visited.


スタート地点: Tarazona
到着地点: Badules
難易度: Difficult
距離(km): 170
行程数: 12


I Fase (210 km):

Tarazona - Grisel - Lituénigo - Litago - Añón - Talamantes -Trasobares - Tierga - Mesones de Isuela - Nigüella - Arándiga - Chodes -Morata de Jalón.

II Fase (425 km):

Morata de Jalón - Santa Cruz de Grío -Tobed - Codos - Langa del Castillo - Torralbilla - Mainar - Villadoz - Badules.

Variante GR 90.1:

Lituénigo - D.G.A. Youth Camp - Sanctuary of El Moncayo - La Estaca mountain pass - Talamantes.

GR 90.2:

GR 90.1 crossed La Estaca mountain pass - Purujosa - Calcena - Aranda de Moncayo - Viver de la Sierra - Calatayud - Torres de Calatayud - Villalba de Perejil - Belmonte de Gracián - Mara - Miedes - Langa.

GR 90.3:

Belmonte de Gracián - Viver de Vicort - Tobed - Aguarón - Cariñena - Paniza - Cerveruela - Villarreal de Huerva - Mainar - Retascón - Daroca (PR-Z 20).


Stay overnight in Tarazona, Tierga, Morata de Jalón, Sta. Cruz de Grío, Tobed, Calcena, Calatayud, Cariñena, Mainar and Daroca. CAmping areas in Calatayud and Morata de Jalón. Food is available in Tarazona, Lituénigo, Litago, Añón, Tierga, Mesones, Nigüella, Chodes, Morata and in the villages along the second stage of the GR, except for Purujosa, Torres, Villalba, Viver and Retascón. Almost all villages have regular rail or road transport.


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