GR 131: El Bastón (Route of the Crests - the Volcanoes)


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La Palma


The GR 131 was created from the logical joining of two large mountain routes in La Palma: the Volcano Route and the route of The Crests of the Taburiente Crater.

To round off the path, it has been extended at both ends to the sea, so that it is possible to walk from the Fuencaliente lighthouse to the Port of Tazacorte over the ridge crest of the island in three days.In its origins, this path connected the localities furthest away from each other, as it climbed a radial path to the current GR 131 and followed it to the radial downwards path to the destination.It has also been the main path for the herding of goats from the summit to the coast. One of the most popular excursions in La Palma is the Volcano Route, starting at the El Pilar Refuge and reaching Fuencaliente (Los Canarios) or to the sea itself. The path crosses the southern ridge of the island, where the most volcanoes are lined up (less than 200,000 years old). Among others, the following volcanoes can be seen from the path: Birigoyo Peak, Nambroque Peak, San Juan or Hoyo Negro Volcano (eruption in 1949), Duraznero Volcano, Las Deseadas (maximum height for excursions at 1949 m), El Charco Mountain (active in 1712), Martín Volcano (eruption in 1646), Pelada Mountain, El Fuego Mountain and the Crater of Los Arreboles. As of here, it crosses the GR130 transversally and drops down to Los Canarios. The route can be continued to the coast, passing the volcanoes of San Antonio and Teneguía, which was active in 1971. Northbound, the GR 131 heds for the crest of La Cumbre Nueva using a forest trail that goes beyond the port of El Reventón (1350 m). As of here, the path climbs the successive and increasingly high peaks, running along the very edge of the Taburiente Crater to reach its maximum height: the Rock of Los Muchachos (2436 m), from where the route drops down to the sea at the Port of Tazacorte.


スタート地点: Puerto de Tazacorte
到着地点: Faro de Fuencaliente
難易度: Difficult
距離(km): 110
行程数: 3



Port of Tazacorte - Roque de los Muchachos - Refuge of El Pilar - Fuencaliente - Fuencaliente lighthouse.


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