GR 88:Pontón de la Oliva - Cerezo de Abajo


Madrid  (Madrid Region)
Federación Madrileña de Montañismo. Madrid
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This Madrid stretch of the path covers the so-called Northern Sierra of Madrid, forgotten for a long time by mountaineers and now justly revalued.

The route was recently rectigied, as it was able to locate and connect a series of old paths to make it much more attractive. It begins at the Pontón de la Oliva press, now in disuse, to reach the village of El Atazar on a route through almost the entire valley base of the river Lozoya. It then gains height and, passing the La Pinilla mountain pass, reaches Puebla de la Sierra, a place hidden among the mountains. It then gains more height and climbs up to El Porrejón, descending the Salinero mountain pass and first reaching La Hiruela, followed by El Cardoso de la Sierra. Once again, a long climb up the Cerezo mountain pass, from where it drops down to Cerezo de Abajo to join the Segovia GR.


スタート地点: Presa del Portón de la Oliva
到着地点: Cerezo de Abajo
難易度: Difficult
距離(km): 65,2
行程数: 4



Dam of El Pontón de la Oliva - El Atazar - Collado de la Pinilla - Puebla de la Sierra - Porrejón - La Hiruela - El Cardoso de la Sierra - Cerezo de Abajo (Segovia).


Accommodation and supplies available in La Puebla de Sierra and Cerezo de Abajo. Bars and Restaurants in El Atazar, La Puebla de la Sierra and Cerezo de Abajo. Bus connections at Cerezo de Abajo.


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