GR 10: Pontón de la Oliva - San Martín de Valdeiglesias


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The GR 10 enters the Autonomous Community of Madrid from Guadalajara through El Pontón de la Oliva (former press now in disuse), starting its route along the service trails of the Isalbel II Canal.

Patones de Arriba and the monument town of Torrelaguna are passed, while over toilled earth walkers approach the Ravine of San Vicente, with its attractive outcrops of limestone.From here on, the granite become the main feature as the village of La Cabrera is reached, at the foot of the sierra of the same name.The base of this sierra is bordered towards the Convent of San Antonio (14thcentury) and the village of Valdemanco. Along the today forgotten Cañada Real Segoviana - the Royal Cattle track of Segovia - the GR 10 borders the Sierra of Guadarrama along its southern slope and, following this ancient track westwards, around the Pedriza del Manzanares to reach Manzanares El Real, a locality presided over by its majestic castle. The villages of Mataelpino and Navacerrada are left behind and the path crosses the sierra village of Cercedilla. The Port of La Fuenfría (1,754 m.) is reached through extensive pine groves, a traditional pass used since times gone by to cross the Sierra of Guadarrama (remains of the 1st century Roman way) and then the GR 10 climbs over the summits of the El Águila and La Peñota crags to reach the Port of Guadarrama. From the Port of Guadarrama, the GR 10 follows the main route of the Sierra of Guadarrama, reaching the Abantos Peak from where it drops down to be beautiful and famous Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial (a 16th century architectural jewel). The path now continues south and crossing the village of Zarzalejo to reach Robledo de Chavela. The path borders the northern slopes of the Almojón and Almenara Peaks. Crossing huge pine groves, the GR 10 crosses the river Alberche over the Bridge of San Juan. The path continues over the old railway along which, after the village of Pelayos de la Presa, you reach San Martín de Valdeiglesias (castle). From here, with a sharp change in direction and along the La Aliseda Path, you cross the Las Tórtolas stream bordering with the province of Ávila. There is also a variant: the GR 10.1, which splits off from the main path in Bustarviejo and, after passing the Ports of Canencia and La Morcuera, drops down to the monastery of El Paular. From here, the path climbs to the Port of Los Cotos and descends over the Segovia slopes to La Fuente de la Canaleja. From this point, it climbs to the Port of La Fuenfría where it joins the GR 10.


スタート地点: Pontón de la Oliva
到着地点: Torrelaguna (San Martín de Valdeiglesias)
難易度: Difficult
距離(km): 200
行程数: 12



Pontón de la Oliva - Patones - Torrelaguna - Dehesa de Valgallegos - Cabeza Rasa - La Cabrera - Convento de San Antonio - Valdemanco - Cañada Real Segoviana - Bustarviejo - Miraflores de La Sierra - Cañada Real Segoviana - Canto El Berrueco - Manzanares El Real - Mataelpino - Navacerrada - Cercedilla - Estación de Camorritos - Pradera de Navarrulaque - Port of la Fuenfría - Collado de Marichiva - Peña del Águila - La Peñota - Peña del Cuervo - Port ofl Guadarrama - Cerro Piñonero - Cabeza Líjar - Cerro de Salamanca (GR 88 links) - Risco de Polanco - San Juan - Pico Abantos - San Lorenzo de El Escorial - El Escorial - Puente Romano - Camino de las tierras del molino - Camino del Chicharrón - Estación de Zarzalejo - Prado Mayor - La Cañada cattle track tunnel- Robledo de Chavela - Alto de Navahonda - Las Praderas - Las Cuatro Tablas - La Cordera - Cuerda de la Parada - Pte. de San Juan - dismantled railway track- San Martín de Valdeiglesias - Camino de la Aliseda - Arroyo de las Tórtolas (border with Ávila).

Variante GR 10.1:

Bustarviejo - Port of la Canencia - Port of la Morcuera - Monasterio de El Paular - Port of los Cotos - Fuente de la Canaleja - Port of la Fuenfría.


All services and regular connections in Torrelaguna, La Cabrera, Bustarviejo, Miraflores de la Sierra, Manzanares El Real, Cercedilla, Navacerrada, El Escorial, Robledo de Chavela, Pelayos de la Presa, San Martín de Valdeiglesias, Cadalso de los Vidrios and the Monastery of El Paular. Railway access to: Miraflores de la Sierra, Cercedilla, Comorritos, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Pajares, Robledo de Chavela and Port of Los Cotos.


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