These are plans for those seeking thrills and challenges in a natural environment. We offer suggestions for you to enjoy the great outdoors while pursuing activities like canyoning, Tyrolean traverse and rafting. But not all the thrills of nature require physical effort, you might like to take a 4 x 4 route or take in spectacular views of the natural surroundings by way of a hot-air balloon flight.

Bear in mind that for most of these activities you need to go through a specialist agency or have authorised instructors and guides. So, in addition to having fun and enjoying the environment, you will be doing so as safely as possible. You can book your adventure sports and experiences on this page. In each experience you'll find information on price, dates on which they takes place, duration, languages offered and target audience.

Why Spain?

<div class="foto_info_container"> <p class="foto_texto"> From north to south and east to west, you can enjoy the beauty of the Spanish countryside, different ecosystems and a multitude of options for enjoying outdoor activities. </p> <p class="foto_texto"><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzUdMl4wnJo" class="hacerblank" title="ビデオを観る">ビデオを観る</a></p> </div>

Spain バルセロナセビージャマドリードマラガコルドバア・コルーニャグラナダルゴウエスカムルシアカディスアリカンテ-アラカントアストゥリアスビスカヤギプスコアポンテベドラカステジョン-カステジョカンタブリアラ・リオハバレンシア-バレンシアトレドアルメリアブルゴスハエンレオンセゴビアバジャドリカセレスタラゴナアラバ-アラバサラゴサシウダ・レアルウエルバレイダナバーラサラマンカジローナクエンカサモラバダホスオウレンセアビラテルエルグアダラハラパレンシアアルバセテソリアカナリア諸島バレアレス諸島
Baleares マヨルカ島イビサ島メノルカフォルメンテーラ島
Canarias テネリフェ島ランサローテ島ラ・パルマ島グラン・カナリア島フエルテベントゥーラ島ラ・ゴメラ島