San Felices de Buelna

Hornos de la Peña Cave


39409  Tarriba, San Felices de Buelna, Cantabria  (Cantabria)
Tel::+34 942598425



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It one of the most complete ensembles of engravings in the region.

Designated World Heritage in 2008

It is located on a hilltop and has an arch-shaped entrance. Some of the paintings have disappeared with time but special mention should still be made of its large-scale figures and naturalist conception. The most valuable artistic gem is to be found in the underground area, where you can see drawings of horses, bison, wild bulls, goats, deer, a possible reindeer and a human form with an arm raised and a long tail. The minute detail on all of them is worthy of note, demonstrating a precise knowledge of animal anatomy on the part of the artist. The main technique used is engraving, with both fine and finger-width incisions. There are also examples made using abrasion. These different techniques suggest two different times of creation: one more ancient, dating back at least 18,000 years; another close to 13,000 BC.

  • 建造物: Caves and tourist mines
  • 芸術的時代: Prehistory



  • 開始日 11/01 終了日 02/28
  • ‐ 水曜 終了日 金曜

    ‐ 10:00 から 15:00
  • 祝日 と 週末
    ‐ 10:00 から 14:00
  • 休館日: Monday, Tuesday
  • 開始日 03/01 終了日 06/14
  • ‐ 水曜 終了日 日曜

    ‐ 10:00 から 14:00
  • 休館日: Monday, Tuesday
  • 開始日 06/15 終了日 09/15
  • ‐ 火曜 終了日 日曜

    ‐ 11:00 から 14:00
  • 休館日: Monday
  • 開始日 09/16 終了日 10/31
  • ‐ 水曜 終了日 日曜

    ‐ 10:00 から 14:00
  • 休館日: Monday, Tuesday

Guided tours only Closed: 1, 6 January, 24, 25, 31 December.


  • 一般: 3€
  • 割引: 1,50€


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