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Between two Continents: Bird migration (Tarifa)

Due to its geographical position between Europe and Africa and between the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, the Strait of Gibraltar is a hot spot for migrating birds between both continents and it is surely a place that any birder shouldn't miss. Although many bird groups use this flyway, soaring birds are the most spectacular due to their large size and their way to cross the Strait forming flocks of hundreds or even thousands of birds as occurs with Black kites, White storks or Honey buzzard. The Strait of Gibraltar Natural Park has exceptional places for birdwatching as are among others, Los Lances Beach Natural Reserve, La Plata Hills and some view points along the coast, where in addition to being able to watch thousands of birds every year cross the Strait of Gibraltar in their migrations, you can enjoy wonderful views of the African continent.

  • Price: €175 per person (including taxes)
  • Activities available in the following languages: Spanish.English
  • Place: Tarifa (Cadiz)
  • Duration: 9 Hours
  • Date available from: 13/07/2017
  • Date available to: 31/12/2019
  • Category of the activity: Nature. Ecotourism. Observing nature and wildlife
  • Who is it for?: Young people. Families. Adults without children. Senior. LGBT
  • Organising company: Nattule


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