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The Sama Park is a historical garden, a Mediterranean orchard, a poetic forest, a nostalgic palace… It is the resting residence that in 1881 the Marquis of Marianao, Salvador Samà i Torrens, made build between Cambrils and Monbrió, Daurada Coast, surrounded by olive trees, vineyards and almond trees. It is the legacy of an Indiano, a fusion of styles and the amusement for the senses. It is an homage to beauty, a landscape with memory, nostalgia of other lands and times. It is the Spanish Cuba, the tidy France and the romantic England, the quite Asia and the classic Greece. Full of symbolism and faithful reflection of the spirit of its owner. Nature and art, sensitivity and wit. The Sama Park, paradise on Earth, an Eden stolen to the Heavens.

The Sama Park is a round trip, the emigration and the return. Be successful in America. Return and leave a legacy. Other trees, other birds, other suits and colours, other arts… Adventure, culture and wealth. The Sama Park is the history of the marquisate of Marianao.

Modernism and nature. Its inseparable relation from the hands of Josep Fonserè i Mestres with the collaboration of Antoni Gaudí. A place to understand the exceptionality of the work of this universal Catalan. Grottos, walkways and benches that remember rocks, seashells and branches carefully thought to look like a landscape. It is the beginning of Modernism and of the profession of Antoni Gaudí, it is the architecture of the Sama Park.

  • Price: €7 per person (including taxes)
  • Activities available in the following languages: Spanish.English.French.German
  • Place: Cambrils (Tarragona)
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Date available from: 21/10/2016
  • Date available to: 31/12/2019
  • Additional information: The park opens all year round, from 10am to 5pm in January, February, November and December, until 6pm in Marh and October, until 7pm in April, May, June and September, and until 8pm in July and August. In 2016 the park closes the 25th, 26th and 31st of December. There are reduced pricees for minors of 16, retired and students. The entrance has an unlimited time of stay.
  • Category of the activity: Circuits and visits. The great outdoors. Nature
  • Who is it for?: LGBT. Senior. Adults without children. Families. Young people
  • Organising company: DNA Expertus


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