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Purple Swamphen on the marshes in the Doñana National Park, in Huelva, Andalusia

Reasons why Spain is ideal for birdwatching


Spain has many magnificent places – such as national parks, nature reserves, and protected spaces – to enjoy a kind of tourism that is more respectful towards the environment. Places where you can see hundreds of different species of birds and find inner peace.

Spain is an ideal geographical location for Europe's most important birdwatching centres, as hundreds of species from Europe and Africa migrate here to nest and breed, or to escape less hospitable temperatures. In addition to migratory birds, Spain is home to a great variety of protected and native species.

The places in Spain where the largest concentrations of birds are to be found are comfortable and accessible. There’s easy access to observation towers, birdwatching huts, and observation points. It is usually possible to reach the sites indicated by car or by public transport. Spain is the country in the world with the most spaces to have been declared Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO, 52 natural spaces that are completely different, and where it’s easy to spot an impressive range of birds in their own habitat. 

Flamingos on the Ebro Delta in Tarragona, Catalonia

There are areas in Spain where spotting particular species of birds is the main reason that passionate ornithologists from all over the world choose to take a holiday here. Some of the most important areas are: the mountains of the Cordillera Andaluza in Andalusia, where you can watch the birds as they cross the Strait of Gibraltar, the plains of Navarra, the lush forests of Castilla y Leon, the Pyrenees in Extremadura, the wetlands of Doñana, the Albufera in Valencia, or the Ebro Delta in Catalonia.  Enjoy the birds and the scenery by choosing the nature tourism option for your holidays with the family, with your partner or with friends, an option that will give you the chance to learn and appreciate the natural beauty of this world that’s a world away from daily life in the city.

Birds migrating at sunset in the Albufera, Region of Valencia