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The Senda del Oso Greenway. Asturias

Discover the wonders of nature in Spain on these Greenways


If you've been thinking about going on a sustainable getaway for a some time, either by bike or on foot, and you'd like to immerse yourself in some uniquely beautiful landscapes... head for one of these Greenways: Senda del Oso, Tajuña or Alcaraz. They all offer lovely scenery and lots of examples of the local flora and fauna.

The Senda del Oso Greenway (Asturias)This delightful Greenway stretches for 36 kilometres, and there are 14 protected natural areas within just a five-kilometre radius. The best known of these is Las Ubiñas-La Mesa Natural Park. An area of beech, yew, and holly forests with views over the thrust faults and folds of the Asturian Central Carboniferous Basin. You can start out from Entrago in the Teverga valley, with the sound of the waters of the river Trubia to keep you company. You’ll gradually discover the natural beauty of northern Spain as you go. Towering cliffs, lush woodland, and a mantle of rich green. You’ll be walking on what was once a train line serving the mines.And there is plenty of cultural heritage to see along the way. You can visit the Pre-Romanesque churches of La Plaza and Tuñón, and the pretty medieval village of Bandujo. 

Las Ubiñas-La Mesa Natural Park

The Tajuña Greenway (Madrid)The Tajuna Greenway between the towns of Arganda del Rey and Morata de Tajuña is ideal for all the family. It’s a very easy route to do either by bike or on rollerblades as it runs along a red asphalted road from beginning to end. It starts at the Railway Museum in La Poveda, just four kilometres from Arganda railway station. If you like, have a look at the museum and learn about the history of the local railways.The trail passes through a magnificent regional park around the lower reaches of the rivers Manzanares and Jarama. It also runs through the plains to the southwest of Madrid, where you can observe marsh and water birds in the extensive wetlands. Amidst the forests of holm oaks, hundreds of yellow broom flowers and the cereal crops on the flatlands, you'll discover a rich flora and fauna that you’ll always remember.

From Arganda del Rey to Morata de Tajuña

The Alcaraz Greenway (Albacete)The Alcaraz Greenway is made up of two spectacular routes. One is around 74 kilometres long, and the other about 19. The first takes you through the impressive basins of the rivers Jardín and Cubillo, Laguna Nature Reserve, and the Laguna del Arquillo y Sierra de Alcaraz Natural Monument. The second section runs through the beautiful Sierra de Cazorla Natural Park, as well as the basins of the rivers Rumblar, Guadalén and Guadalmena. You’ll see for yourself that there are stories connected to this trail; it’s part of the Don Quixote route, one that follows in the footsteps of Don Quixote of La Mancha, the hero of the famous novel by Miguel de Cervantes. Like him, you’ll follow the path between pine and oak, over bridges, and through tunnels and fields. Get ready to have exciting adventures and to see some amazing places. 

Sierra de Alcaraz, Albacete
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