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Birdwatching in Spain, an alternative option if you visit Europe


For bird lovers, Spain is an essential stop for enjoying ornithology. Its geographical location is perfect since hundreds of different species throughout Europe and Africa migrate to Spain to nest and breed. That’s why it has some of the most important bird watching centres in all of Europe. Additionally, Spain has the most areas in the world that have been declared Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO and where the most important landscapes with a high concentration of birds are easily accessible. What more do you need to tempt you to visit?

A different spin on birdwatching activities

Birdwatching is an ecotourism activity that can be done in many ways, some of which will surprise you.

Contemplation and bird ringing

Spend a day with scientists and enthusiasts watching the ringing process in order to study them, learn about their routes and above all, protect and care for different species, including those that are the most difficult to spot, or are in danger of extinction. There are many specialist centres in areas such as the Ebro Delta, the Doñana wetlands or the Albufera area in Valencia.

Detail of a birdwatcher studying a bird in Malaga

Birdwatching by kayak

Another way to see birds is from new places such as, for example, by kayak, a different experience for all the passionate people who had not thought about it until now.

Birdwatching and photography

Photography is another alternative way of enjoying birds. Activities are available that provide you with the equipment needed for photographing birds, as this requires powerful lenses. Who knows, you may be able to snap a bearded vulture in the Pyrenees.

Girl birdwatching in a kayak between Garcia and Móra de Ebro in Tarragona, Catalonia
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