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Gold armbands, Dacian royal treasure. Sarmizegetusa Regia – Muchea Cetății. Mid-1st century BCE.

Archaeological Treasures of Romania. Dacian and Roman Roots


The cultural history of what is now Romania is presented at the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid, in an exhibition to celebrate 140 years of diplomatic relations between Romania and Spain, with a wealth of items including royal treasure in gold and silver.

Romania’s geographical location has always placed it at a crossroads between different cultures, which can be traced in the historic legacy of its archaeological treasures. The exhibition covers the historical evolution of this territory over more than a thousand years, with an emphasis on the relationship between Spain and Romania throughout history, particularly in the era when Dacia was a Roman province.

Over 800 cultural assets are on show, including coins, ceramics, clothing, glassware, weapons, wood and bone pieces, and sculptures in stone and metal. This is the largest exhibition held abroad by the National History Museum of Romania in the last 50 years, with loans from 40 Romanian museums and various Spanish institutions, including the Archaeological Museum of Seville, the Prado Museum, and the Town Council of Guadix (Granada).

Archaeological Treasures of Romania. Dacian and Roman Roots

National Archaeological Museum

Calle Serrano, 13

28001  Madrid  (Madrid Region)