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Works from the exhibition Toledo my love. Marian Kratochwill and Toledo. Photos courtesy of the Santa Cruz Museum in Toledo

Toledo my love. Marian Kratochwil and Toledo

Exhibition - Painting

The Santa Cruz Museum in Toledo is exhibiting its collection of paintings by the Polish artist, mainly focused on Spain, and in particular, on Toledo and its customs.

The exhibition consists of more than 80 oil paintings, watercolours and drawings, including those he did of the monumental gateways, landscapes and views of Toledo, scenes depicting local customs, some views of Andalusia, and subjects from Cervantes. There is also a portrait of Kratochwil by his wife, the artist Kathleen Browne.

The artist had a deep interest in Spain, and above all in Toledo, inspired by the figure of Don Quixote and his admiration for the work of El Greco. The works on display in the exhibition come from the three large donations he made to Spain.

Toledo my love. Marian Kratochwil and Toledo

Santa Cruz Museum

Calle Miguel de Cervantes, 3

45001  Toledo  (Castilla-La Mancha)