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Room in the exhibition ‘teamLab. Art, Technology and Nature’ at the CaixaForum Barcelona

TeamLab. Art, Technology and Nature

Exhibition - Audiovisual / multimedia

An interactive and immersive exhibition that changes according to the public’s behaviour.

teamLab is a collective that started in Japan in 2001 and that researches the relationship between art, technology and nature. It is formed of professionals from disciplines such as art, engineering, mathematics and architecture who, through their works, explore the way individuals interact with their surroundings. Projections are screened on the walls and floors and are activated and displayed according to how the members of the public interact with them. On this occasion, two projects are being exhibited: “Born from the Darkness, a Loving, and Beautiful World” and “Graffiti Nature: Lost, Inmersed and Reborn.”

TeamLab. Art, Technology and Nature

CaixaForum Barcelona

Avenida Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 6-8

08038  Barcelona  (Catalonia)