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Joaquín Sorolla, Valencian Fishwives, 1903. Regional Government of Valencia

Sorolla. Plural Feminine


This show at the Sorolla Museum highlights the presence of women in the painter’s work; many of his paintings reflect the typical female stereotypes of his era.

This exhibition turns from depictions of the artist’s own family to examine the many and varied works by Joaquín Sorolla that focus on women of every kind and social class. A man of progressive ideas and an admirer of women in general, the painter captured not only the grace and beauty of his female protagonists, but other qualities too, such as courage and strength. These 36 paintings reveal elegant middle-class ladies, artists exemplifying the “new woman”, simple working women, mothers, and “fallen” women, but they are never simply archetypes: they are individuals, of flesh and blood, and treated with respect by the painter. 

Sorolla. Plural Feminine

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