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From left to right: Pete Docter. Sulley and Mike. Monsters Inc., 2001. Marker on paper / Bud Luckey, colours by Ralph Eggleston. Woody. Toy Story, 1995. Mixed media on paper / Ricky Nierva. Mike and Sulley. Monsters University, 2013. Ink and marker on paper

Pixar: Building Characters (Palma)


How are animated film characters created? How important are their settings? The exhibition uses the creations of Pixar Animation Studios to show how animation can inspire emotions in the viewer.

From the first scribbled notes and sketches to the final adjustments to light and shadow, animation character design takes a lot of meticulous work. It is the main structure the narrative is built on, and carries most of the work’s emotional charge. As well as the characters, their costumes, expressions, and even the settings they move though are designed in painstaking detail. The exhibition shows around 130 drawings and 50 models of characters from films including Toy Story, Brave, Ratatouille, A Bug’s Life, and Monsters, Inc.

Pixar: Building Characters (Palma)

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