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The “Picasso, intimate diary” exhibition at the Ibercaja Palacio de la Infanta.

Picasso, intimate diary

Exhibition - Engraving,Painting

The Goya Museum and the Ibercaja Patio de la Infanta Space are jointly presenting at their venues in Zaragoza this major exhibition on Picasso that analyses the influence of Francisco de Goya on the Malaga-born artist.

The exhibition forms part of the 275th anniversary celebration of Goya’s birth and pays tribute to both geniuses and the influence of the Aragonese artist on Picasso. The exhibition is comprised of a hundred works of Picasso’s Vollard Suite of etchings, ten oil paintings from Spanish museums and 20 pochoirs (a technique in which cardboard or wood stencils are used to print on paper or canvas) with which Picasso started his Cubism movement. The works represent a journey through all of Picasso’s creative periods.

The exhibition is divided between the two venues. At the Goya Museum, visitors can admire the different oil paintings and Vollard Suite etchings related to the world of sculpture and the Minotaur. Whereas, the Patio de la Infanta venue is showing Picasso’s etchings related to the topics of circus, women and his admiration for Rembrandt, and another series of oil paintings.

Picasso, intimate diary

Goya Museum - Ibercaja Collection

Calle Espoz y Mina 25

50003  Zaragoza  (Aragón)