Oskar Kokoschka. Dolomite Landscape, Tre Croci (Tre Croci – Dolomitenlandschaft), 1913. Oil on canvas. 80 x 120.1 cm. Leopold Museum, Vienna

Exhibition: Oskar Kokoschka. A rebel from Vienna

Exhibition - Painting

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, in cooperation with the Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris, presents this retrospective dedicated to this revolutionary Austrian artist, celebrating his pacifist activism and his pictorial output.Oskar Kokoschka achieved international fame late in his career and through his late works, he left his mark on the “Neue Wilden”, the new artform in Austria and Germany. A champion of figurative art and the “painter of souls”, Kokoschka went beyond classical ideals and used portraiture as an analytical tool capable of revealing the sitter's inner self. He found early success on the Vienna art scene, where he was endorsed by Gustav Klimt, and his work influenced a young Egon Schiele. Although throughout his career he dedicated himself to a variety of activities, the guiding thread of his life was art, where he never stopped reinventing himself.   

Exhibition: Oskar Kokoschka. A rebel from Vienna

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