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Miquel Barceló. Metamorphosis

Miquel Barceló. Metamorphosis

Exhibition - Modern art

The Picasso Museum Malaga presents a selection of recent work by the artist Miquel Barceló, characterised by mutation, mobility, and transition.

The passing of time and the alchemy of materials are the connecting threads through much of this exhibition. Taking its name from Franz Kafka’s famous Metamorphosis, the exhibition emphasises the approach to artistic creation as an endless forward movement, a process of cyclical reinvention based on observed reality and combining innumerable external nuances, which eventually can express anything, including the inner life of the artist.

The show exclusively presents 30 ceramic pieces, 13 paintings, 42 watercolours, six travel sketchbooks, and a small sculpture, alongside an installation of seven large-scale bronzes.

Miquel Barceló. Metamorphosis

Picasso Museum Malaga

Palacio de Buenavista. Calle San Agustín 8

29015  Málaga, Malaga  (Andalusia)