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Lux poster. The Ages of Man 2021

LUX. The Ages of Man 2021

Exhibition - Religious

Burgos, Carrión de los Condes (Palencia) and Sahagún (Leon) are hosting the 25th edition of this exhibition, the objective of which is to teach people about Castile and Leon's precious sacred art. On this occasion, the exhibition falls within the celebration of the Holy Year of St James and the 8th centenary of Burgos Cathedral.

Visitors to this exhibition will have the opportunity to visit different landmarks that represent different architectural styles, such as Romanesque, mudéjar and gothic: Burgos Cathedral, the Churches of Santiago and Santa María del Camino in Carrión de los Condes and the Peregrina Shrine and Church of San Tirso in Sahagún. They can also get to know the three regions of Spain which the St James Way passes through.The exhibition addresses the origin and significance of these cathedrals, all of which particularly focus on the Virgin Mary. The title "Lux" refers to the characteristic light of gothic cathedrals, famous for their impressive stained glass windows. In Burgos Cathedral, around 120 works from cathedrals all over the country can be viewed.

LUX. The Ages of Man 2021

Burgos  (Castilla y Leon)