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Lola Ruiz Picasso

Exhibition - Painting

The Picasso Museum Barcelona is paying tribute to the artist’s sister in recognition of her hard work in preserving her brother’s legacy and as a demonstration of their mutual affection.

In the early years of Picasso’s work, Lola was one of his favourite models. She appears in the artist’s iconography until 1900, disappearing at the start of his Blue Period. The exhibition features many of the portraits Picasso painted of his sister, as well as photographs of Lola in all the different stages of her life, some of her own paintings and a selection of their correspondence from the period when the Malaga-born artist was living in Paris.

Lola Ruiz Picasso

Picasso Museum in Barcelona

Calle Montcada 15-23

08003  Barcelona  (Catalonia) Tel.:+34 932563000 Website: