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Jorge Barbi. Greenhouse. Container for getting away, 1993. Synthetic enamel on fabric. Triptych: 250 x 290 cm. ‘la Caixa’ Foundation Collection

Human, more human

Exhibition - Modern art
A Coruña

The Barrié Foundation is temporarily adding 13 important works by leading 20th- and 21st-century artists to its collection of contemporary art in A Coruña which explore the representation of human beings.

The exhibition was put together during the pandemic, when social distancing measures were imposed. The longing for contact and humanity determines its approach in two scenarios. The first is composed of four large-format paintings that emanate emotion through dense and vibrant brushstrokes and that take on a whole new meaning in the light of recent experiences. They are works signed by A.R. Penck, Miquel Barceló, Jean-Michel Basquiat and George Baselitz. The second setting brings together images closer to reality that are articulated around the oppositions between outside and inside, public and private space, and immobility and movement. It encompasses the diverse range of disciplines of Anna Malagrida, Liu Jianhua, Taylor-Wood, Jean-Marc Bustamante, Vik Muniz, Txomin Badiola, Jorge Bardi, Gino Rubert and Stephen Dean.

Human, more human

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