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From left to right: Josep Parera. Caricature of Eusebio Güell i Bacigalupi. c. 1889. National Art Museum of Catalonia //////////////// Antoni Gaudí. External view of the church in Colonia Güell. c. 1910-1911. National Art Museum of Catalonia //////////////// James John Sweeney. José Luis Sert. Antoni Gaudí. New York. 1960. Library of the Architects’ Association of Catalonia


Exhibition - Architecture,Painting

The National Art Museum of Catalonia embarks on a critical analysis of the work of Antoni Gaudí and his relevance in the city of Barcelona and of how his architecture is a reflection of the reality of his time.

The art and architecture of Gaudí stand out for their symbolism. The exhibition focusses on Gaudí’s commitment to Barcelona, to the class struggle and to the artistic transformations of the time through his work. It presents a complex Gaudí who is present in the European political and social life of the early 20th century; a different persona to the isolated and misunderstood genius with whom he has often been identified. Gaudí was the builder of some of the most important symbolic backdrops in the Barcelona and Europe of his era and one of the geniuses of modern architecture, precisely because of his involvement with the society of the time.


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