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Festival - Music,Electronic,Pop/Rock

The Festimad festival has been held in Madrid since 1995.

Year after year, Madrid's longest-running festival has showcased leading bands and new music from the independent scene. Festimad was the first festival in Spain to offer groups like Radiohead, Amaral, Dover, Rage Against the Machine, Beck, Cypress Hill, Molotov, Smashing Pumpkins and CPV.

The search for new talent and up-and-coming groups is an important part of this event, which includes one of the biggest competitions on the national circuit, Festimad Taste. There will also be concerts for under-18s at Festimad Si Menor. Festimad is a great opportunity to enjoy the best international rock music and to discover new sensations, new sounds and new artists.


Madrid  (Madrid Region)

* To be confirmed