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Samuel van Hoogstraten Trompe l’Oeil still life, 1666-1678. Oil on canvas. 63 x 79 cm.

Exhibition: Hyperreal. The Art of Trompe l’Oeil

Exhibition - Painting

Madrid’s Thyssen Museum is hosting this exhibition and presents a series of works dating from the 15th century to present day with the aim of making the spectator question them through the incredible laws of optics.

In fact, ‘deceiving’ the public is one of the main objectives set by many artists over the centuries. Making a simple painting appear real thanks to the laws of perspective is a technique that has been used since the times of Ancient Greece. Over the centuries trompe l’oeil has been highly relevant, particularly in periods such as the Renaissance, Baroque and Romanticism.The curious fact about this temporary exhibition is that the works are presented in terms of content and settings rather than by date of execution. This means that visitors can admire two paintings on the same subject that may be separated by 500 years of history. The exhibition is structured into the following sections:-Mise-en-scène, devoted to the still life.-Figures, frames and boundaries, which looks at the visual deception of the painted frame.-Alcoves for the inquisitive, with depictions of objects that deceive the viewer’s eye.-Fake walls: Planks and Partitions, transformed into settings to display objects.-Perfect disorder, devoted to corners of artists’ studios.-Appeal to the senses, featuring compositions with sculptures or flowers as the principal motif.-American renewal and its wake.-The modern trompe l’oeil, with a particular focus on the 20th and 21st centuries.

Exhibition: Hyperreal. The Art of Trompe l’Oeil

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