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Exhibition: Orchestra Pau Casals. 100 years

Orchestra Pau Casals. 100 years

Exhibition - Music

Two exhibitions, in Barcelona and El Vendrell, which examine the importance of Pau Casals and his orchestra in 20th-century music.

They display numerous documents, concert programmes, and sheet music relating to the Orchestra Pau Casals, from the collections of the National Archive of Catalonia and the Library of Catalonia. The show also includes valuable audiovisual material and tells the story of the Orchestra Pau Casals, highlighting the significance of its founder.

The exhibition is divided into two parts. The Pau Casals Museum in El Vendrell is showing material from the orchestra’s concerts, and pays homage to Pau Casals and his musicians. And the exhibition in Barcelona’s Museum of Music focuses on the history of the orchestra, its members, its repertoire, and its activities.

Orchestra Pau Casals. 100 years

Museum of Music, Barcelona, and the Pau Casals Museum, El Vendrell

Auditorio de Barcelona. Calle Lepant, 150

08013  Vendrell, El, Tarragona  (Catalonia) Tel.:+34 932563650