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Pieces from the exhibition. Images courtesy of the Archaeological Museum of Alicante

Etruscans. The Dawn of Rome.

Exhibition - Antiques

The Archaeological Museum of Alicante offers the chance to discover the Etruscan civilisation, one of the historical cultures of the Mediterranean. The exhibition runs from its origins in the 9th century BC to its gradual absorption by the Roman Empire in the 1st century BC.

The Etruscan civilisation preceded the Roman Empire and dominated the Mediterranean coast for centuries. Its absorption by Rome was a slow process and the Romans inherited many of its customs and symbols, above all religious beliefs and daily habits.The exhibition, through more than 150 pieces, traces Etruscan history from its origins and underlines the importance of trade in its development and in the consolidation of its city-states. It analyses its political functioning and social structure to reveal the recognition enjoyed by women, with access to education, social prestige and participation in public events.

Religious beliefs and the divine in Etruscan society are another important feature in the exhibition. The pieces on display show how they evolved from a belief in the beyond as continuity (for example, their tombs reproduced the homes of the living) to a conception of death as a dark underworld, completely separated from life.The exhibition is completed by the show Etruscan Footprints in Alicante. A series of around 20 pieces reflect this culture’s presence in the region and the importance of its rituals related to precious metalwork and wine.

Etruscans. The Dawn of Rome.

Alicante Provincial Archaeological Museum (MARQ)

Plaza Doctor Gómez Ulla s/n

03013  Alicante-Alacant, Alicante, Alicante - Alacant  (Region of Valencia) Tel.:+34 965149000 +34 965149006 Website: //


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