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The Colours of Fire. Hamada – Artigas

Exhibition - Ceramics

The National Art Museum of Catalonia presents the art of ceramics as a cultural nexus between Japan and Catalonia, through the personal relationship and mutual admiration of Catalan and Japanese artists.

Josep Llorens Artigas and Hamada Shōji were two great 20th century ceramicists with a close personal and artistic relationship. The show will explore the impact and inspiration of Japanese ceramics in Catalonia, which can also be observed in other artists, such as Joan Gardy Artigas, Eudald Serra, and Joan Miró.

The show is completed with photographs and documents from the era showing the links between Catalan artists and the Japanese mingei movement, dedicated to the recovery of Japan's ceramics and popular art.

The Colours of Fire. Hamada – Artigas

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