Joaquín Sorolla, Playa de Valencia,1902. Colección Masaveu

Exhibition: Masaveu Collection. Sorolla

Exhibition - Painting

On the occasion of the centenary of the death of Joaquín Sorolla, the Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia houses nearly fifty pieces from the Masaveu Collection, the private collection featuring the largest number of works by the painter, many of them masterpieces. The exhibition brings together a selection of 46 works by Joaquín Sorolla created between 1882 and 1917, so that visitors may understand the painter's artistic development. Of diverse themes and origins, there is no shortage of bathing or sea-related scenes, a common theme in Sorolla's work. It is an extraordinary set of paintings by Sorolla, belonging to the Masaveu Collection, the third largest in volume and importance worldwide, only surpassed by the Sorolla Museum and the Hispanic Society of America. More information

Exhibition: Masaveu Collection. Sorolla

Valencia Museum of Fine Arts

Calle San Pío V, 9

46010  Valencia, Valencia-València  (Region of Valencia)