View of the Juan March “Bruno Munari” Foundation exhibition, in Madrid

Exhibition: Bruno Munari

Exhibition - Design

First retrospective in Spain dedicated to one of the biggest names in design and visual communication of the 20th Century and the most complete exhibition of his work to date outside of Italy.

Munari sought the essence of art and design in the balance between rigour and lightness, always making use of play, humor and irony. The exhibition showcases around 130 pieces, from private collections and public and private institutions, ranging from his first graphic design work linked to futurism to his latest experiments in the nineties. It includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, graphic and industrial design pieces, projections and light plays, typographic and written exercises and children’s books. The large selection of pieces are organised into areas built around the concepts essential to Munari’s work- time, method, lightness, experimentation and contemplation.

Exhibition: Bruno Munari

Spanish Museum of Abstract Art

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