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Left: Francis Bacon on Primrose Hill, London, 1963.  / Right: Evening in Kew Gardens, 1932

Bill Brandt

Exhibition - Photography

The new KBr Fundación Mapfre Barcelona Photography Centre offers the chance to discover one of the founders of modern photography, Bill Brandt.

Photography as an aesthetic tool for contemplating and understanding reality. This is how Bill Brandt saw his art, in which he shows a constant interest in the strange. His production, which at first glance seems erratic and scattered, is governed by an aesthetic that avoids the familiar and ordinary. This exhibition focuses on his later work, especially his more experimental pieces where he seeks to innovate through cropping and framing.  Many of his photographs have become iconic images.

Bill Brandt

KBr Fundación Mapfre

Avenida del Litoral, 30

08005  Barcelona  (Catalonia)