An Asturias to be savoured



The gastronomy of Asturias in northern Spain is not only delicious, it's a way of life. Here we suggest various experiences that offer a chance to enjoy its dishes and the local customs in a truly authentic way: you'll be able to take part in a live fish auction, see for yourself how the famous cider and local cheeses are made, try your hand at milking a cow… Anyone who comes to Asturias is always determined to return.

Asturian flavours route

Whatever your tastes, in Asturias you'll find a range of different types of routes, each with a specific timetable, price and duration. They can be divided into several groups: Traditional Countryside Flavours Route. An invitation to taste the traditional cuisine of Asturias, together with activities like feeding farm animals, telling the difference between dairy cattle and beef cattle, discovering vegetable gardens and learning how to recognise the authentic Asturian "faba" (bean). The Cider Route. A great way to enjoy the most popular beverage in Asturias. You'll be able to see orchards in blossom, visit wine presses and learn how to pour cider. Flavours of the Sea Route. Come and visit the fish markets and canning factories, or take part in seafood-based cookery workshops. Cheese and Dairy Route. Did you know that there are more than 40 varieties of cheese in Asturias? You'll be able to taste them and learn all about the production process. Cangas Wine Route. A combination of wine and tourism that includes a visit to the high-mountain vineyards and wine harvest festivals, and tasting of local wine. Specially recommended in the autumn.

"Tables of Asturias" and eight Michelin stars: guarantee of quality

It with so much culinary joys you're wondering which restaurant to go to when you come to Asturias, here are a few ideas: "Mesas de Asturias" is a mark of gastronomic excellence that denotes a series of restaurants and cider bars where you'll find dishes prepared in different ways: according to traditional recipes, signature cuisine, culinary renovation… And if you still can't make up your mind, here's another secret: Asturias has eight restaurants that have been distinguished with Michelin stars: Casa Marcial (in Arriondas), El Corral del Indianu (Arriondas), Auga (in Gijón), La Salgar (in Gijón), El Retiro (in Llanes), Casa Gerardo (in Prendes), Arbidel (in Ribadesella) and Real Balneario (in Salinas). Prepare your palate, and get ready to enjoy the feast!  



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