Roast food in Spain

Roasting is a juicy way of cooking in the oven. The method is used especially with meat, but it can also be used with fish and vegetables. It is a traditional method that preserves all the flavour of the food and cooks it in its own juices. Here are some of the best roast dishes.

The most typical dish is made with meat, preheated in the oven, often in a wood-burning oven. The piece of meat acquires a golden colour because it is often greased with lard or olive oil. Sometimes the meat is seasoned to enhance its flavour, and garnished with vegetables. The meat is also sprinkled with its juices while roasting, together with olive oil and vegetables. Roast meat This way of preparing the meat is very typical, especially inland. One of the top roast dishes is suckling pig - typical of Castile-León. When it is taken out of the oven, the meat is tender and juicy, so the suckling pig can be sliced, as it is popularly done, with a plate. Roast kid is also prepared that way, and in the region of Galicia, too. Other roast dishes that are very typical in Castile-León are roast lamb, and especially, suckling lamb, which is roasted only with salt and water. Lamb is also popular in Aragon, where baby lamb from Aragon is cooked - less than 90 days old and especially tender. It is usually cooked on slates or in a wood-burning oven. Another typical recipe is roast and stuffed baby lamb. The meat needs to be sprinkled with wine the night before cooking.

In La Rioja, small lamb chops are roasted and one of the most popular recipes is chops roasted with vine shoots, that is, cooked on the embers of the shoots. As well as these roast dishes, it is common to cook beef and certain cured meats this way, such as chorizo in earthenware bowls. Another dish involves poultry, which is mainly roasted by turning it over the fire and with different types of herbs and spices to add flavour. Roast fish and seafood As regards fruits of the sea, one of the most popular recipes is roast fish with salt, using different species such as gilthead bream, sea bass and sea bream. Curiously enough, one of the most typical inland roast fish dishes is Madrid-style red bream, a Madrid Region recipe, in which the fish is cooked in the oven with king prawns and vegetables. Roast dishes without using the oven are typical in the south when preparing fish. We are talking about sardine skewers, in Malaga, which are grilled. Seafood is cooked on griddles, especially prawns and king prawns. Roast vegetables In Spain you can also enjoy roast vegetables. One of the tastiest recipes is escalivada, typical of Catalonia. For this dish, strips of vegetables such as aubergines and peppers are roasted, and seasoned with olive oil, garlic and salt. In general, the consumption of roast peppers is very popular, especially as a side dish, mainly Piquillo peppers. These peppers are native to Lodosa, Navarre, and are sold roasted and packed. Things to remember: You'll be able to enjoy roast dishes practically all over Spain, whether it is meat, poultry, fish or vegetables. The perfect complement to roast meat is a good local wine, such as Ribera del Duero (Castile-León) or Rioja (La Rioja).


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