Be a mariner for a day



Discovering all the ins and outs of the maritime life can be fascinating, and even more so in an area such as Galicia, a land whose history has been closely intertwined with the sea and all its products for thousands of years. You can enjoy a whole range of experiences in this area in northwest Spain, thanks to the tourism activities offered by various towns and villages, and companies. Here are just a few:

Professional fishing: you'll be able to set sail with genuine sailors who'll point out all the different parts of the boat, explain navigational manoeuvres, tackle, maritime legends… And the best thing is, you'll be able to cook and eat everything you catch.

The art of shellfishing: you'll see the traditional women shellfishers at work, and if you like, you can take a practical course to learn all about their daily work, how they collect the shellfish, and what are the typical shellfish to be found in each place. You'll marvel at the hair-raising way they remove the barnacles, and at the bateas (floating structures placed in the sea to "farm" molluscs) where the famous Galician mussels are produced. You'll also be able to take home a bag handmade by the netmakers (the people who make the nets, or fish with them) strung with shells from the local shellfish, or a recipe book based on the local seafood.

The atmosphere in the fish markets: you'll be able to experience the hustle and bustle of a harbour-side fish market, and you'll see how the fish –octopus and crabs for example– are weighed and labelled before auctioning.

Guided visits and traditional trades: you can visit a shipyard where you'll see the wooden skeletons of great ships. You'll have the chance to climb on board a ship which has been converted into a museum, where you can take courses on reading marine maps or maritime signalling. You'll be able to take part in themed workshops on knots and nets, or take a walking tour accompanied by a sailor who will tell you the old legends of the villages…

The sea seen from every point of view: why not visit any of the 55 lighthouses throughout the area, or ply the waters between dolphins and whales? For more detailed information on places, timetables and rates for marine tourism in Galicia, we recommend you check the official website.


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