Antoni Tàpies Foundation: transcendental paintings



Any lover of contemporary art visiting Spain should make a point of seeing the Antoni Tàpies Foundation in Barcelona. This museum has one of the most complete collections by this universal artist, who was always innovative and engaged with his time. Don't think twice –exploring the exhibition rooms is the best way to discover the unique work of a 20th century genius: Antoni Tàpies.

Surprising materials, novel techniques and reflections turned into art: the personal universe of Antoni Tàpies opens up for you in Barcelona, in north-eastern Spain, at the Museum of the Foundation that bears his name. Set in a beautiful Modernist building from the end of the 19th century, Tàpies himself created this institution in 1984, aiming to promote the study and understanding of contemporary art. It is also, however, the ideal place to enjoy and gain an understanding of the work of this great figure of modern painting.

The Antoni Tàpies Foundation offers a programme of activities, conferences and temporary exhibitions, and plays an active role in the dissemination of culture and the latest and avant-garde trends in order to further their understanding. Nevertheless, if this place is outstanding for one thing, it is as the home to the largest collection of Tàpies' artistic creations. The centre has a highly varied collection, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, books and etchings that allow visitors to explore the different aspects of the work of this renowned artist, as well as the techniques and materials used throughout his career.

A living museum

It is well worth seeing the special exhibition that the Foundation presents each season, usually comprising a selection of works from the collection that constitute important examples of the aesthetics and language used by Tàpies.

Would you like to discover the work of one of the most outstanding geniuses of contemporary art? Come to Spain and visit the Antoni Tàpies Foundation: you'll be able to learn all about it.

More information: Antoni Tàpies Foundation


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