Prawns from Mar Menor




Prawns caught in the Mediterranean were considered a favourite seafood by the Greeks and Romans.

The Prawn from Mar Menor is a 10-legged crustacean (Penneaeus Kerathurus) with a long, compact body measuring approximately 12 cm. It is somewhat smaller that the prawns from Sanlúcar or Vinaroz, but its flesh is firmer. The colour is yellowish-brown with small violet-coloured spots. Due to the special conditions of the Mar Menor, with its high level of salinity, catches in these waters have special organoleptic properties, so it is a much tastier prawn, and its meat is more highly valued. They are usually prepared boiled in water with a bit of salt, either as an appetiser or an entrée, alone or with some type of sauce.



  • 产品类型:: Seafood
  • 时期: Year-round, although they are in greatest demand in summer and winter.
  • 起源: The Mar Menor is the production area for this type of prawn.
  • 推荐饮料: Woody white wines and 'cavas'.
  • 菜谱: Fideuá


  • Energy: Average
  • Cholesterol: Average
  • 备注: Rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals.