GR 30: Torozos Mountains


Valladolid  (Castile-Leon)
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The area of Torozos is set on a large plateau ploughed by deep valleys to form an enormous natural citadel and fortress that constitutes the low ridge of the province of Valladolid.

The Duero, military river, crosses the entire province like a silver lance from East to West. This circular path starts and ends in Valladolid, a noble city located in a fertile valley irrigated by the rivers Pisuerga and Esgueva. Numerous famous houses, museums, a large number of monasteries, churches, convents, beautiful facades and Rennaisance patios give a note of gradeur to the monuments of the city, although all of this is swallowed up by the combination of modern buildings that have been constructed over recent years.


出发点: Valladolid
终点: Valladolid
难度: Difficult
距离(公里): 152
路段数量: 5



Valladolid - Zaratán - Ciguñuela - Villan de Tordesillas - Velilla - Matilla de los Caños - Tordesillas - Villavieja del Cerro - Berceros - Vega de Valdetronco -Gallegos - Mota del Marqués - San Cebrián de Mazote - Urueña - La Espina -Castromonte - Peñaflor de Hornija - Wamba - Villanubla - Valladolid.


Along the route, food and supplies are available in all of the localities.Regular bus service from Valladolid to all towns.