GR 1: A Historic Path


Huesca  (Aragon)
Federación Aragonesa de Montañismo. Zaragoza
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The stretch of this path through Aragon runs from east to west along the sierras of the Pyrenees foothills, forming an extremely varied and very beautiful route.

It crosses a great many different regions and areas, all of which have a common feature: the great natural, cultural and historic wealth that accompanies this path as it runs west. On leaving Catalan land, the stretch through Aragon begins in Puente de Montañana/Lo Pont de Montanyana and, after crossing the River Noguera Ribagorzana, begins its run along the southernmost part of the Region of La Ribagorza. Valleys to have undergone an extreme rural exodus are joined together and places of great historic value linked, such as Graus, Loarre or Sos del Rey Católico. The last part runs from Árguis to the border with Navarra, combining such attractive and varied landscapes as the sierras of Gratal, Loarre, Santo Domingo, los Mallos de Riglos and Agüero, the deep cleft of the River Gállego and the Altas Cinco Villas. Together with these are the countless villages with top class historic-artistic monuments, from Loarre to Sos, in which Aragon Romanesque reached its utmost splendour. A stretch of this path enters the Park of La Sierra y Cañones de Guara (declared by law in 1990). The interest in this natural area lies in the combination of the spectacular karstic relief (dolines, canyons, caverns, etc.) with a unique flora, it being the crossroads for Atlantic and Mediterranean atmospheres, favouring the formation of varied ecosystems and the appearance of interesting endemisms. Take note that it is only completely signposted from Puente de Montañana/Lo Pont de Montanyana to Mesón de Ligüerre. From this point and until what is known as Mesón Nuevo de Arguis (on the western border of the park), three small stretches are not signposted: in the north: Samitier - Arcusa - Park Border, in the south: Ligüerre de Cinca - Abizanda - Naval - Park Border and from Mesón Nuevo to Arguis. From this point until the border with Navarra, it is only signalled by paint marks.


出发点: El Puente de Montañana
终点: Sos del Rey Católico
难度: Difficult
距离(公里): 315
路段数量: 8



El Puente de Montanyana - Las Badías - Castigaleu - Laguarres - Lascuarre - Pociello - Capella - Graus - Grustán - Pano - Caneto - Trillo - Salt mines of Trillo - Troncedo - Formigales - Morillo de Monclús - Tierrantona - Muro de Roda - El Humo - Palo - Presa de Mediano - Ligüerre de Cinca - Mesón de Ligüerre - Samitier - Arcusa - Las Bellostas - Otín - Bara - Nocito - Lúsera - Belsué - Arguis - Bolea - Aniés - Loarre - Sarsamarcuello - Linás de Marcuello - Riglos - Murillo de Gállego - Agüero - San Felices - Fuencalderas - Biel - Petilla de Aragón - Sos del Rey Católico - Peña (Navarra). Southern Variant (Sierra of Guara): Mesón de Ligüerre - Abizanda - Naval (GR 45/PRHU 72) - Límite del Parque - Colungo (GR 45) - Asque - Alquézar - San Pelegrín - Radiquero - Alberuela de Liena - Bierge (GR 45) - San Román - Límite del Parque - Casbas de Huesca - Ibieca - Arbaniés - Sipán - Santa Eulalia la Mayor (Park border) - San Julián de Banzo - Barranco Reguero del Águila - Mesón Nuevo de Arguis.


You can stay overnight and eat in Lo Pont de Montanyana, Graus, Tierrantona, El Humo, Mesón de Liguerre, Nocito, Arguis, Bolea, Loarre, Riglos, Murillo de Gállego, Sos del Rey Católico, Abizanda, Naval, Colungo, Alquézar, Radiquero and Bierge. Lo Pont de Montanyana, Graus, Tierrantona, Mesón de Liguerre, Samitier, Arguis, Bolea, Loarre, Murillo de Gállego and Sos del Rey Católico also have a regular bus service.There is a Tourist Office in Graus.


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