GR 18: Paths of La Ribagorza.


Huesca  (Aragon)
Federación Aragonesa de Montañismo. Zaragoza
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Both the GR 18 and its variant the GR 18.1, which runs parallel to it, run through most of the ancient County of Ribagorza from south to north.

It runs from the fertile lands of Fonz, almost in El Somontano de Barbastro, to the valleys of Barrabés and Baliera, with Aneto and Castanesa as the main points of reference. Worth noting in these lands is the scarcity of inhabitants, decimated over the years through the rural exodus. As you walk through these lands, you will see many examples of Romanesque from Ribagorza, particularly Roda de Isábena and the Monastery of Obarra, megalythic monuments such as the dolmens of Cornudella de Baliera or the menhir of Merlli. You will see interesting examples of local architecture and walled enclosures, you will cross many rivers over numerous medieval bridges and pass through places as interesting as El Paso de la Croqueta. Added to all of this are what are barely the last remains of an eminently farming culture: the bargas of the Laspaúles area and the bordas of Castanesa, the former being one of the traditional systems for storing grass and the latter houses for whole families during the months in which the cattle grazed or fed off the high mountain pastures. Included in the extensive network of paths in La Ribagorza: the GR 18.1 variant, the 7 stages of which run parallel to the GR 18, connects to the main path near to Purroy de la Solana in the south and in Castanesa in the north.


出发点: Fonz
终点: Aneto
难度: Difficult
距离(公里): 135
路段数量: 9



Fonz - Chapel of La Carrodilla (GR 45 crossed) - Aguinaliú - Juseu - Purroy de la Solana - Pilzán - Cabañera de la Rebollosa (PR-HU 45 crossed) - Caladrones - Ciscar - Tolva - Luzás - Ravine of La Torquilla (GR 1 crossed) - Castigaleu - (GR 1 crossed) - Cajigar - Coll de Vent (PR-HU 46) - Puyalto (PR-HU 47) - Bonansa (GR 15) - Noales - Castanesa - (GR 11) - Aneto.

Variante GR 18.1:

GR 18 crossed - Benabarre - Houses at Castesillo (GR 1) - Laguarres - Casa Pelegrín (GR 18/PR-HU 49) - Roda de Isábena - La Puebla de Roda - Serraduy del Pon (cruce PR-HU 46) - Beranuy (PR-HU 47) - Monastery of Obarra-Ballabriga - Borda Ariño (GR 18.1) -Laspaúles - Castanesa (GR 18 crossed).


Regular bus service to Fonz, Tolva, Bonansa, Aneto, Benabarre, Laguarres, Roda de Isábena, La Puebla de Roda, Serraduy del Pon and Beranuy. Food in Fonz, Tolva, Benabarre, Serraduy del Pon and Laspaúles. Accommodation in Fonz, Tolva, Castigaleu, Bonansa, Cajigar, Castanesa, Aneto, Benabarre, Roda de Isábena, La Puebla de Roda, Serraduy del Pon, Beranuy, Laspaúles and Castanesa.


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