GR 11: The Pyrenees Path


Huesca  (Aragon)
Federación Aragonesa de Montañismo. Zaragoza
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This is a mountain route that requires a minimum amount of experience on this type of land or the company of an expert.

However, there are many easy excursions that, using the signposting of the GR 11, run through the valleys and are neither difficult nor dangerous.According to your experience and requirements, choose the stretch that you wish to cover and take suitable material with you. Beautiful beech tree groves and high crests of limestone welcome those starting the route on the border with Navarra. The GR 11.1 - a variant of the path that runs through the valleys of Aragüés and Aísa to the south of the main stretch to join it again in Canfranc - leaves from Oza. El Bal d'Echo, the Pyrenean lake of Estanés and the beech tree forest in Candanchú are left behind and hte peaks and mountain passes become increasingly high.El Bal de Tena is reached either through Canal Roya or through Izas, where the first three-thousand metre peaks rise up. Various Pyrenean lakes (Respomuso, Azules and Bachimaña...) will accompany you along the path towards the Spa town of Panticosa and, further on, ont he stretch towards the midly high Valley of El Ara. The National Park of Ordesa y Monte Perdido will surprise visitors with the beauty and heights of its landscape, under the shelter of the great Monte Perdido. Afterwards come Pineta, Chistau, Estós and Ballibierna... beautiful valleys one after another while travellers discover the highest peaks: Llardana (Posets), Perdiguero, Maladeta and the highest mountain range, El Aneto, will look down on you with their rock and perpetual snow. The Mountain Pass of Ballibierna, together with the peak of the same name, will be the last to climb before entering Catalonia through Angliós and Ixalenques, or through the Valley of Llauset to the small village of Aneto.


出发点: Zuriza
终点: Aneto
难度: Difficult
距离(公里): 194
路段数量: 12



Zuriza - Ref. de Taxeras - Cdo. de Petraficha - Ref. de la Mina - Aguas Tuertas - Port of Escalé - Ibon de Estanés - Candanchú. Through Canal de Izas: Candanchú - Canal Roya Picnic area - Dam of Izas - Ref. de Iserías - Cdo. de Izas - Formigal. Through Canal Roya: Merendero de Canal Roya - Ref. de Lacuas - Pyrenean lakes of Anayet - Formigal - Sallent de Gállego - La Sarra - Respomuso - Cdo. de Tebarray - Cdo. del Infierno - Lower reservoir of Bachimaña - Spa town of Panticosa - Upper reservoir of Brazato - Cdo. de Brazato - River Ara - Ref. de Ordiso - S. Nicolás de Bujaruelo - Puente de los Navarros - Aparcamiento de Ordesa - Cirque of Soaso - Ref. de Góriz - Cdo. de Arrablo - Fuen Blanca - Cdo. de Añisclo - Cirque of Pineta - La Larri - Cdo. de Piedramula - Río Real - Chisagüés - Parzán - C.E. de Urdiceto - Paso de los Caballos - Bordas de Lizier - Es Plans - Ref. de Biadós - Añes Cruces - Port of Chistau - Ref. de Estós - Santa Ana -Puente de S. Jaime - Plan de Senarta - Ref. del Puente de Coronas - Cdo. de Ballibierna - Fork. Through La Bal d'Ixalenques: Colladeta de Ríu Bueno - Pyrenean lake of Angliós - Puen d'Ixalenques. Fork through Aneto: Reservoir of Llauset - Ref. de Llauset - Aneto.


You can eat and stay overnight in the different towns close to the path: Ansó, Echo, Aragüés, Aísa, Canfranc, Sallent, Panticosa, Torla, Fanlo, Bielsa, Gistaín/Chistén (Bal de Chistau), Benasque and Aneto. Excellents places to eat and stay overnight are the mountain refuges of Linza, Gabardito, Lizara, Candanchú, Canfranc, Respomuso, Casa de Piedra, Góriz, Ángel Orús, Biadós and Estós, guarded year round, except for Ángel Orús and Biadós. By road or rail there are regular connections with all of the valleys through which the path runs.Tourist Office in Canfranc, Formigal, Sallent, Torla, Fanlo, Bielsa, Plan and Benasque.


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