San Ildefonso

Tapestry Museum at La Granja Royal Palace


Plaza de España, 17
40100  San Ildefonso o La Granja), San Ildefonso, Segovia  (Castile-Leon)
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Set in a spectacular palace

The museum is located in the La Granja Royal Palace, a magnificent example of European palace architecture in the Sierra del Guadarrama mountains.

The palace rooms are luxuriously decorated with Carrara marble, and you can see various items of Japanese lacquer, along with crystal lamps from the La Granja Royal Glass Factory. Highlights of the Tapestry Museum include the Flemish Apocalypse series, The Triumphs of Petrarch and the Honours and Virtues series, based on cartoons by Goya. There are also paintings on glass by Luca Giordano, dating from the end of the 17th century.

  • 命名: National Heritage
  • 艺术时期: Baroque
  • 内容: Fine arts



  • 从 01 十月 到 31 三月
  • 从 周二 到 周日 从 10:00 到 18:00
  • 关闭日期: Monday
  • 从 01 四月 到 30 九月
  • 从 周二 到 周日 从 10:00 到 20:00
  • 关闭日期: Monday


  • 普通票: 9€
  • 降价票: 4€
  • Niños de entre 5 y 16 años, mayores de 65 años y estudiantes, con acreditación.
  • 免费参观
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