La Coruña

Casa de las Ciencias. Science and Technology Museum


Parque Santa Margarita s/n
15005  La Coruña, A Coruña  (Galicia)
电话:+34 981189844
传真:+34 981189845


Coruña, A


Experiencing science

This museum is located in Santa Margarita Palace and comprises three exhibition rooms and a planetarium.

The permanent exhibition presents the principles of science, technology and the natural world. On the first floor there are modules where physical phenomena can be experienced. The second floor is dedicated to temporary exhibitions, and the third floor features exhibitions on the latest scientific topics, which are changed each year. The Planetarium is in the dome, where the sky and stars that can be seen from Earth are represented on a vault measuring 10 m in diameter.

Municipal museum

Science and technology



  • 从 02 一月 到 30 四月
  • 从 周一 到 周五 从 10:00 到 18:00
  • 节假日 和 周末 从 11:00 到 19:00
  • 从 01 五月 到 30 六月
  • 从 周一 到 周五 从 10:00 到 19:00
  • 节假日 和 周末 从 11:00 到 19:00
  • 从 01 七月 到 31 八月
  • 从 周一 到 周日 从 11:00 到 20:00
  • 从 01 九月 到 31 十二月
  • 从 周一 到 周五 从 10:00 到 19:00
  • 节假日 和 周末 从 11:00 到 19:00


  • 普通票: 2€
  • 降价票: 1€